/ Innovative Topics /
  • Second Edition of the FCPA Guide and FCPA Enforcement Report for 2020

  • What Industry in China Should Know About U.S. Enforcement Priorities, Compliance Expectations, and Cooperation with Other International Agencies

  • How Recent Geopolitical and Legislative Developments Have Intensified Compliance Risk

  • Recent Updates on China’s Anti-Monopoly Law and Case Sharing

  • What It Takes to Upgrade Your Global Compliance Program in the Wake of A Settlement

  • How to Ensure “Virtual Compliance” of Remote Working through Employee Training

  • How to Sale Compliance and Ethic Culture to Your Colleagues – We Are All Sales!

  • Contrasting Local Compliance Differences on Cooperation with Authorities, Evidence Gathering, and Cultural Norms

  • How to Ensure the Effect of Continued Compliance Program with Remaining Employees due to Furloughs of Covid-19

  • How Global Enforcement Agencies Are Adjusting to the “New Normal” When Launching New Investigations?

  • How to Vet and Monitor Contract Performance, Payment, Compliance and Risks

  • Establishing Effective Anti-Fraud, Compliance, Ethics and Whistleblower Function

  • How to Manage Compliance Risks through eDiscovery and Big Data Analysis in the Age of the Pandemic?

  • How Companies Are Using a Tiered Due Diligence Approach based on the Appropriate Risk Level and Type of Third Party in Question

  • How Forensic Data Analysis and AI Could Identify the Most Germane Information to An Investigation

  • ...

/ Target Speakers /
  • Authorities and Experts on FCPA and UKBA

  • World-Leading Multinational Companies in Different Industries

  • World-Leading Law Firms and Consulting Firms

  • Others

  • ...

/ Target Audience /
  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Oil, Gas and Mining

  • IT and High-Tech

  • FMCG and Retail

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Chemicals and Materials

  • Automobiles and Spare Parts

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Household Appliance and Electronics

  • Insurance and Banking

  • Telecommunication

  • Public Utilities

  • Rail and Transportation

  • Real Estate

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Tourism

  • Gaming & Entertainment

  • ...

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